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How To Improve Male Sexual Health?


When we talk about sexual performance, we have to realize that there are so many things that can interfere and it is more than just getting blood flow. That is an important part of it, but we need to consider all the other factors. And truly if you aren’t taking care of your circulatory system, if you aren’t taking care of your heart, if your cholesterol is way up there, and if your inflammatory system is running overtime, if you are at risk for heart disease, if you have high blood fats that is going to directly interfere. And it doesn’t matter how many pill you take, you are not going function as good as you could.

There are many things with having your heart function correctly so it can pump the blood. But at least you don’t want to be under stress and have the interrupted heart function, in other words – have a heart attack. You don’t want to have a situation where you could have a stroke because you have sexual experience. You want to be in shape so that you can enjoy the whole experience. It is not about a little five-minute thing; it is not about having something that is unsatisfying and then having to live with complications. Because again if you use the drug to create an erection, that erection might last for a ling time, long after anybody willing to be with you, so consider these facts.

You want to have a sexual experience that is rewarding to both of you. There are certain things that go on throughout the active sex that are designed to help the experience go in a smooth matter. And if you don’t have hormonal balance, not only you will be able to enjoy it mentally, you will be able to get the reward that you can get in the way of dopamine and such. You are going to have less than you would have otherwise. You are having artificial sex in that sense.


If you don’t have the chemicals balanced, maybe because you are on the medications or because you are not making the proper things you are going to have less experience as well.

So why settle for a pill experience when you could have so much more rewarding experience by being in a state of health where you could enjoy; where there were no extra pains or problems, you want to be able to be fit and in shape and really enjoy the experience.